Dear Partners, Colleagues, and Friends,

We are glad to welcome you on the website of Leksmark Plus LLC. Our company is engaged in innovative developments and offers advanced solutions for transport and warehouse logistics for the operations in the field of the oil and gas industry, ferrous and nonferrous metal-making, building companies, as well as transport and other companies.

Our main products include both simple separation materials, such as supports, liners, wedges, and wagon stands and cradles, which are used for storage and transportation of goods by various modes of transport, as well as more complex, integrated solutions, including warehouse storage systems, transport rollers, and bearing assemblies.

Thanks to the long-term experience of using our products at the industrial facilities, demand for our products, and feedback from our clients, we can say that our products guarantee the reduction of costs of any operation.

Our uniqueness and the main difference is that all our products are made of the polymer composite material, which is an alternative to both natural wood and metal.

The material used to make our products is produced from the processed waste of plastics and rubbers based on our proprietary technology and on the equipment developed by the specialists of our company.

Our solutions are in demand in the market and allow us to solve the environmental problems of the society to reduce deforestation and increase the volume of plastics and rubber waste recovery.

Life, health, and favorable environment are the highest values of Leksmark Plus LLC, which define the principles of our development and business.

Best regards,

Igor Osokin
Director, Leksmark Plus LLC