Advantages and features of the new composite material

Our composite material provides an excellent alternative to conventional materials such as wood, plastic, and rubber, and has a number of advantages and features:

  • High strength performance: the ultimate compression strength of the new material is higher in 3 to 5 times;
  • The material requires no fumigation (for export), as items are molded (according to the process) at the temperature of above 200 °C;
  • The material demonstrates its elasticity combined with high strength;
  • The material has high friction coefficient;
  • Items made of the new material can be used repeatedly;
  • The material is characterized by almost zero hygroscopy;
  • The material works reliably in extreme weather conditions;
  • The material is resistant to aggressive environments and liquids, including oils;
  • Products made of the composite material are recycled at the end of their service life;
  • The production process is waste-free;
  • The composite material can be 100% recycled;
  • In certain cases, the item cost is lower than that of wood, plastic, or rubber of the same size;
  • Solving the same issues requires less items made of the new material as compared to those of wood;
  • The workplaces are always clean, as items made of the composite material leave no residuals, such as chips, sawdust, and other debris;
  • The material requires minimum of time to prepare for work;
  • The material is durable guaranteeing the service life of items made of it to be much longer than that of, for example, wood;
  • The material is non-toxic and can be used without any harm to the environment and human health.