Bearing assemblies

Apart from manufacturing transportation rollers, Leksmark Plus LLC is experienced in making conveyor rollers of our proprietary design. The outstanding features of our conveyor rollers compared to conventional ones are:

  • The shell is made of a polymer material;
  • The bearing body is made of a new composite material.

Compared to other analogs made of black alloys (billets of rolled products, castings, and stamping), the bearing body made of our material is 2-3 times cheaper. The product has final geometrical sizes, so that there is no need in an expensive high-precision mechanical processing of the roller body for preparing bearing setting sizes. The tightness of the “frame-body” and “bearing-frame” is up to 1 mm. The number of overpresses is up to 10 times.

Due to the fact that the material has the compression strength and Shore hardness values compared in figures to those of solid rubbers and polyurethane, several very important factors of the conveyor roller efficiency are in place, namely:

  • Perfect mounting tightness of the bearing inside the frame;
  • Possibility to compensate the misalignment of the bearing supports due to elastic deflection of the frames;
  • Low breakaway torque and rotation evenness;
  • Lower noise and vibration levels.