Storage systems for cylindrical items

Our company has developed several options for pipe and rolled steel storage systems based on the requirements of our customers.

Special features of the Leksmark Plus LLC storage systems:

  • Protection of the surface of a product from any damage done during loading and storing; 
  • Avoidance of any damage to the floor surface of a warehouse; 
  • Simplicity and reliability of the system; 
  • High load capacity of the system; 
  • The system can be maintained by 2 people without any special requirements for their qualification and without using special tools; 
  • Mobility of the system mounting and dismantling, if there is a need for additional free space in the warehouse; 
  • Versatility (longitudinal and transversal adjustment of the bumpers) for different sizes of coils or pipes, as well as fast readjustment; 
  • Efficient use of the warehouse area due to possibilities of a multi-layer storage (up to 3 layers/levels);
  • Service lifetime is not shorter than 15 years. Manufacturer’s warranty is 10 years. 

Advantages of the system: