Safety and environment

Leksmark Plus LLC strives for taking a rightful place in the market for transport and logistics solutions and shares its success with the public, working for better life of the present and future generations. We see our future in a balanced development of the business and in constant improvement of the quality of life and environment.The management system in the field of protection of the environment, health of people, and industrial safety make up the foundation of the general management process and is an instrument for us to achieve leadership. Life, health, and favorable environment are the highest values for Leksmark Plus LLC that determine the sustainable business principles.

In order to make our composite materials, we use recycling products from rubbers and polymers, which makes a great contribution to conservation of natural resources, as well as positively affects the environment.

Using separation materials made of polymer materials, rather than wood, by Leksmark Plus LLC saves forest areas, which are the lungs of the planet, while longer service life of our products and possibility to use them many times make them cheaper than wood.